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Looking for lenses that will benefit your eyes? With increased screen times across all age groups, our eyes need a little more care. That's why Alpha Optical offers the latest innovation in specialty lenses.


Myopia control lenses

Seeing clearly is key for kids to grow in learning. Clear vision with the best glasses makes a huge difference in their development. Myopia control lenses are specially designed to control the myopia progression in children and as a result decrease the risk of sight threatening problems.

Anti-fatigue lenses

Anti-fatigue lenses have a small add on power to the regular single vision lenses in your glasses which help counteract eye strain, headache, eye tiredness and sudden blurry vision when you have prolonged near or digital screen work.


Office lenses

Office lenses are meant for people who spend a lot of time on the computer and doing near work. It has a wider intermediate and reading area which gives visual comfort. It is also called computer progressive lenses. You can couple these lenses with blue light blocking technology for glasses that offer even more comfort and protection when working with a screen.

Our expert Optician can help you choose the right option for your prescription.

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